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FPC Chemie Solutions Sdn Bhd provides a wide variety of restoration and remedial waterproofing services. In addition to specializing in preventive waterproofing on new construction. From waterproofing a tunnel under a river to preventive waterproofing on a new skyscraper, the construction industry depends on our waterproofing system to protect their investments.

We're a Waterproofing Specialist Company and the organization has gone through tremendous growth in construction chemical. The company offers quality of solution and technical services especially in the field of specialty chemical for the civil construction as well as architectural finishing. Our waterproofing systems offer a comprehensive range of products and systems that are designed to meet job-specific needs and requirements of the architects, owners, engineers and contractors

As a specialist for waterproofing systems, we offer the most extensive and efficient waterproofing system installation and repairs for the protection of buildings from water. We have an experience team to install waterproofing, maintain and repair water seepages or leakages problem in a building. 

FPC Chemie Solutions Sdn Bhd is primarily active in hotels property, commercial, industrial, and institutional construction for municipal and private projects. Our principal service is as a contractor, but we also offer waterproofing and restoration consultation services to architects, engineers, and building owners on new construction and rehabilitation projects.

FPC Chemie Solutions Sdn Bhd
provide good service to our customers in every defect cases or construction project that we receive. A team of skilled staff undertakes management operations. The company has been able to tailor to the individual needs of the clients. Furthermore, we are also committed to a policy of constant innovation, improvement, intensive training and strive to exceed customer's expectations. Positive Feedback and assurance received from clients and customers give indication of our excellent service in both marketing and site works. We emphasize on customer's satisfaction as our main priority and to maintain the quality standard achieved.

FPC Chemie Solutions Sdn Bhd provide a wide range of water proofing system from
1. liquid applied water proofing membrane, 
2. cementitious water proofed coating, 
3. chemical injection waterproof system,
4. spot repair system, 
5. exposed water proofing system, 
6. self adhesive water proofing membrane, 
7. conceal water proofing system, 





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